WHERE WERE YOU WHEN: Memorable sporting moments of this generation

Across all sports, there are some moments you just don’t forget. There are certain historic matches, drama, plays, victories and story lines that are unforgettable, moments which 20 years from now the next generation will be jealous they never got to see, jealous that they never got to see certain superstars while they took over the world of sport and ask questions like ‘Where were you when Zidane headbutted Materazzi?’ or ‘Did you really see Brazil lose 7-1 at home?’ Let KaransCave remind you of 20 of these memorable moments.


John Terry penalty miss v Manchester United in Champions League Final


With Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty miss, John Terry had the chance to put the trophy in his hands. But it wasn’t to be the case.

David Beckham Freekick v Greece


Over a dead ball situation, there aren’t many better. His top corner freekick in the 93rd minute sent England straight to the 2002 World Cup. (Side note: We all remember how that ended)

Odell Beckham JR Catch v Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants

The one catch that turned Odell Beckham JR from NFL player to Madden Cover Athlete and Worldwide superstar.

20. Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX v Seahawks


23 seconds left and rookie Malcolm Butler’s interception sealed the Patriots Super Bowl and created the infamous Richard Sherman meme and the question ‘Why didn’t the Seahawks run the ball?’

19. Roger Federer finally wins French Open in 2009


Federer won the 1 Grand Slam that continued to elude him. After winning he fell to the floor, in tears and celebrated like he never has before. He equalled Pete Sampras’s total of 14 Grand Slams and solidified himself as the greatest male tennis player ever.

18. Didier Drogba’s penalty wins the Champions League v Bayern Munich


His 88th minute equaliser and then his winning penalty in the Champions League Final made him an all time footballing great. If you forget his return after leaving 2 years later, this might’ve been the greatest final kick anybody has had for their club.

17. Lewis Hamilton becomes youngest Formula 1 Champion in history


At the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton only needed 5th place and grabbed it at the last corner. One of the most dramatic finishes in F1 history and a victory that placed Lewis Hamilton on superstar level.

16. Giants win Super Bowl XLII to ruin Patriots perfect season


The Patriots almost became the first team to have a perfect 19-0 NFL season but the biggest upset in Super Bowl history and the greatest catch (The Helmet Catch) in Super Bowl history both took place in this game. The Giants won with a touchdown with 30 seconds to play.

15. Kobe Bryant scores 60 points in final NBA game v Utah Jazz


One of the greatest to ever play gives the sport one of its greatest ever final performances. Nobody expected Kobe to do anything close to this on his final day, after the horrific previous 3 seasons he and his team had. But The Black Mamba rarely lets the people down.

14. Arsenal go the entire 2003-04 Premier League Season unbeaten


The ‘Invincibles’ as they are commonly known went the entire season without a single defeat. An accomplishment that hasn’t been done since and probably never will again. On the final day of the season they were rewarded with the first and only golden Premier League trophy, to signify the greatness of their accomplishment.

13. Floyd Mayweather retires undefeated at 49-0


Floyd has had some memorable individual moments in his career; such as knocking out Ricky Hatton and finally, finally fighting Pacquiao in the most underwhelming fight ever, but not many people in history can say they reached the top of their sport and never lost on the way. No man, dead or alive can say they stepped in the ring with Mayweather and emerged victorious.

12. Rafael Nadal wins 2008 Wimbledon Final v Roger Federer


The Nadal v Federer rivalry reached its climax when #1 seed Federer faced #2 seed Nadal in the 2008 Wimbledon Final. 5 sets and 4 hours and 48 minutes later, Nadal won his first Wimbledon in what is unquestionably considered one of the best tennis matches of all time.

11. Michael Phelps wins 8 Gold Medals at 2008 Olympics


The most memorable swimming event is the 4 x 100 metre freestyle relay, where Jason Lezak swam the greatest 100 metres ever seen and USA beat the French by 0.08 seconds, but the story that lives forever is that Phelps made history by becoming the first Olympian to win 8 Gold Medals at one Olympic Games.

10. Kobe Bryant scores 81 points v Toronto Raptors


We kick off the top 10 with Kobe Bryant. He has many memorable individual performances, but he has the best regular season scoring performance of all time. It may be second all time to Wilt’s 100 points, but for Kobe to do it in this era, as a shooting guard, where the average NBA team scores between 97-100 points is remarkable. The closest we have come to this performance since it occurred is a 65 point game…..by Kobe Bryant.

9. Cleveland Cavaliers win 2016 NBA Championship v Golden State Warriors

LeBron James

The Cavaliers ended the city of Clevelands 52 year curse and beat the greatest regular season team of all time, from 3-1 down in the NBA Finals and won a game 7 on the road. There’s so much to talk about with regards to this one, but you can read about it here.

8. Lionel Messi wins 4 consecutive Ballon D’Ors


There are so many individual moments from Lionel Messi’s career that it is impossible to pick one. That goal v Getafe. That goal v Bilbao. That goal v Bayern Munich. Those 5 goals v Leverkusen in the Champions League. Scoring a hat-trick at against Real Madrid at age 19. Scoring 91 goals in a calendar year. 8 La Ligas. 5 Champions Leagues. But winning the trophy that solidifies you as the best football player in the world for 4 consecutive years, without much debate has never been accomplished and is unforgettable. For the most popular sport on the planet to be so easily dominated by one man for such a period of time, anyone fortunate enough to be watching Messi while he plays should count their blessings. There will never be anyone like him again.

7. Zidane headbutts Materazzi in 2006 World Cup Final


While I will be the first to say that legends should always be celebrated, and Zidane should and always will be remembered for moments like scoring twice in the 1998 World Cup Final and THAT goal v Leverkusen in the 2002 Champions League Final, I would be lying to myself if I didn’t include this moment. The most shocking moment ever in a World Cup Final. The heartbreaking photo above shows the consequences of Zidane’s actions.

6. Liverpool v AC Milan 2005 Champions League Final


The miracle in Istanbul is the greatest single game comeback in football history. AC Milan were one of the best teams in the world and at were so confident the game was won at 3-0 that they popped bottles of champagne at half time. But football is a game of two halves and in this case, a dramatic penalty shootout. One of the best European football nights ever.

5. Ray Allen saves the Heat in 2013 NBA Finals Game 6


The championship was over. The velvet rope was placed around the court and the San Antonio Spurs bench was practically celebrating. LeBron James missed a 3 to tie and the game was virtually over until the ball ended up in Ray Allen’s hands; Moving backwards, falling into the stands, he hit the most clutch shot in basketball history to save Miami from losing the finals and eventually going on to wine Game 7 and the championship. This shot to this day gives any NBA fan goosebumps and brings back either wonderful or sour memories.

4. Usain Bolt breaks 100 and 200 metre record in Berlin


Usain Bolt already won Gold Medals in Beijing in 2008. But in 2009 he completely obliterated the previous championship and world  100 metre record and officially became the fastest man to ever live. The fact that at the same championship he also destroyed the 200 metre record solidified him as a living legend and his post race celebrations showed his charming charisma and personality, making him an icon in the world of athletics.

3. Sergio Aguero’s 93rd minute goal v QPR wins Man City the Premier League


The most memorable individual moment I’ve ever seen in sport. Man Utd had the Premier League title won because Man City seemed as if they choked it away on the last day. But at 2-2 with literally 30 seconds to play, Sergio Aguero showed killer instinct and composure to secure City it’s first title in 45 years. Martin Tyler’s iconic commentary made this the most memorable Premier League moment of all time.

2. Brazil 1-7 Germany


The most memorable match, of any sport, I have ever seen. For Brazil, in the World Cup Semi Final, in your own country, to be so humiliatingly humbled and thrashed by one of your rivals was something unheard of. Brazil were always viewed as a superpower of football, almost untouchable because of the legends that have come before. But 5-0 after 29 minutes and Germany blatantly taking it easy in the second half because even they felt sympathy for their opponent will stick with any football fan forever. Anybody that watched this match live remembers where they were and the emotions they were feeling that night.

1. Leicester City do the impossible and win the Premier League title


The greatest sport story of all time. Impossible to predict. Months later I still ask myself if it actually happened. The starting 11 players for Leicester will go down in history forever. The 5000/1 odds don’t justify the achievement Leicester City achieved. No matter what these players achieve in the rest of their careers, they were all part of the team that defied all the odds, statistics and predictions and gave football fans a season they will never forget.

Let me know any that you think I overlooked and don’t forget to follow for updates!





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