My 25 Greatest Supreme Clothes Ever Made

Established in 1994, the iconic brand is non arguably the greatest and most popular street wear brand of all time. While producing some of the best clothing over the past 20 years and collaborations with brands such as Comme Des Garcons, Thrasher and The North Face, picking only 25 items will be a difficult task. But lets go for it anyway!


Big Sean in ‘Malcolm X Shirt’









Shirt honouring the influential Malcolm X. Also comes as a dope pullover hoodie.


City of God ‘Lil Dice’ T Shirt


T Shirt with a bone-chilling still of the young ‘Lil Dice’ from the iconic 2002 movie ‘City of God.’ Must have for any fan of this movie. Also comes in Cream colour.


Overdyed Hoodie

Sometimes simple is best. Plain overdyed hoodie with ‘Supreme’ plastered down the arm and on the hood. Grey and Blue look best to me.


Reflective Pullover

Pullover jacket and it reflects in the dark. Man I’ve been tryna get my hands on this one for a while now. Especially the black one.


Ali x Warhol Hoodie

With the recent passing of the GOAT, it makes this piece even more rare, iconic and special. A must have for fans of Supreme and Sport. Comes in red, black, orange and grey, all of which are dope.


Classic Red Box Logo T Shirt

The T Shirt that started it all. The plain white Tee with the iconic logo plastered across the chest. If you somehow manage to find one, keep a hold of it. You’ll be a rare breed.


American Flag Pullover Hood

Pullover Hoodie with the American Flag print all over. Of course the Red Box logo is still the main attraction, but its a dope piece nevertheless.


F1 Pullover

Pullover Jacket, comes in 3 different and creative colourways. Black/White/Green is my favourite but if you’re daring enough for the Pink/Teal/Black, go for it.


Supreme X Comme Des Garcons Polka Dot T Shirt

Collaboration between the two epic brands. Pullover hoodies, bucket hats and jackets were also made (which we will get to soon). But the black polka dot tee is a must have.


Supreme x The North Face Bandanna Parka

One of many collaborations between the two brands. One of my favourites of them all. Bloods v Crips aside, the blue one is the most fire.


Dipset T Shirt

Must have for any Hip-Hop fan. Killa Cam and Jim Jones on a ‘Preme tee? Speaks for itself.


9/11 Box Logo Tee

This ones more of a sentimental piece. The first collection after the tragedy of 9/11 gives a Box Logo with the American Flag proudly plastered upon it. It’s a rare piece and you can imagine why.


Fuck Em All Pullover Denim Jacket

If you’re brave enough to wear a jacket that screams the word ‘FUCK’ out in public, then this is definitely for you. I’ve been tryna get my hands on the blue one for over a year now. Hopefully some day soon. Also, the half-zip by the neck is an added bonus.


Siouxsie Tie Dye Pullover Hoodie

One of my favourite hoodies ever made and thankfully I got my hands on it a few months ago. Its a mission to find but when you wear it, it’s a head-turner and worth the struggle. Absolutely incredible. It helps that Yeezy has been spotted wearing it, adding to the value.


Kermit The Frog Box Logo T Shirt

Iconic. The Muppet character got its own Box Logo T Shirt and a photo-shoot with Terry Richardson. How many of your favourite celebrities can say that? It’s a must have T Shirt.


Jackson Pollock Box Logo T Shirt

If you ever, ever, ever find yourself even with touching distance of this T Shirt, count your blessings. One of the rarest ever, the collaboration between the brand and world renowned painter Jackson Pollock. Usually rare does not automatically mean great but this would be an exception to that rule.


Flag Pullover Hoodie

Hoodie with the international flags of USA, Korea, Germany, Japan, Finland and others plastered all over; Front, Back and even on the hood. All colourways are dope and been worn by the likes of Virgil Abloh and Ian Connor, only adding to the rarity and value. Always wanted the white one myself.


The Weeknd in Supreme x The North Face Expeditions Jacket

Another collaboration between the two brands (but not the last) makes the list. The atlas jacket as it is more commonly known is shown at its best when wore by The Weeknd in the King of the Fall video. Seen this piece in person and it is every bit as beautiful as it is online.


Woodland Camo Box Logo Crewneck

Camo is always perfect. The Box Logo is always perfect. You put the two together and get = Perfection. I will get my hands on this one day. One day. If you want a look at how dope it looks while being worn, search for Travis Scott at Yeezy Season 3. Perfection.


Field Pullover

Good luck finding this; since Kanye wore the Olive Green one at a Celine Fashion show in 2013, it has virtually vanished. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you’ll be a paying a hefty price, but it might just be worth it. The orange one is not a bad substitute either.


KRS ONE Box Logo T Shirt

Much like the earlier Dipset T Shirt, it’s a must have for any Hip-Hop fan. But this one is even more special. One of the greatest rappers of them all recreating the infamous picture of Malcolm X, all on a Box Logo T Shirt?!?! How can you possibly say no.


Supreme x Comme Des Garcons Coaches Jacket

I’m lucky enough to be someone that actually owns this. One of the best jackets I have ever owned. The camo, the texture, the red polka dots and the backwards logo plastered across the back are some of the reasons why this jacket is #4. The compliments I’ve received while wearing it only help.


Box Logo Hoodie

The Teal One. The Teal One. For the love of god they’re all incredible but Dear Lord: THE TEAL ONE. I would trade every hoodie in my cupboard right now for the Teal one. So simple but it’s so incredible. Remember: THE TEAL ONE. AH SCREW IT, GET THEM ALL.


Supreme x The North Face Skyline Jacket

You knew they’d be back. Another collaboration between the two. They keep swinging, and they keep hitting. Either jacket is beautiful but the one of the left might just be the greatest jacket I’ve seen in my entire life…so far. The resell value is ridiculous but the fact that someone would own this jacket and sell it, I find even more shocking.


Taxi Driver ‘Travis Bickle’ T Shirt

The original. Along with the Red Box Logo T Shirt, the first Supreme item ever released. Fans of the 1976 film Taxi Driver will know and understand the cultural impact the movie had. Then Supreme plastered it on their first ever item, along with their logo and for 20+ years, they’ve had the same cultural impact. A 20th anniversary edition of the T Shirt was released, but nothing will beat the original. I’m pretty sure the originals are hung up high in a Fashion museum somewhere, as this really was the moment that street-wear was put on the map.



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