June 3rd 2016 – One of the best days for Hip-Hop in a long time.

Fresh off the heels of the new Pusha T single ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous’ featuring the best Jay-Z guest verse since Pound Cake (don’t shoot me, just my opinion) Hip-Hop fans have been blessed today.

Starting with ‘Pick Up The Phone’ by Travis x Thug x Quavo, a song that has been teased for months now, early this morning, an official version was released and is already in contention for Song of the Year in my opinion. It sounds exactly how you would imagine a song with those 3 musicians would sound. Its been on repeat non stop.

That was until Kanye West tweeted that soon he would be premièring the new single from ‘Cruel Winter’, an album that many Hip-Hop fans believed had been shelved forever. A 5 minute song, believed to be called ‘CHAMPIONS’ by Kanye West x Big Sean x 2 Chainz X Quavo x Travis Scott x Desiigner x Yo Gotti x Gucci Mane was then released. No official CD Quality has been released and yet, social media cannot stop talking about it. And I can see why. If this is any hint as to how Cruel Winter will sound, it will be worth the wait.

And then, not even an hour later, DJ Khaled drops a song with Drake. Anyone who follows DJ Khaled on Snapchat knows that for months he has been asking ‘Have the Drake vocals come in?’ Well, they’re in, and they’re INcredible. Any song with Drake is sure to be popular, but ‘For Free’ by DJ Khaled x Drake will be blasting all summer. I promise you that much.

And behind all this, Vic Mensa dropped his 7 track EP ‘There’s Alot Going On’, appropriately titled for a day like this. While is it below the radar because of bigger stars Kanye, Drake and Travis, it should not be slept on, as many people have been waiting for a project from Vic Mensa for a while, and he has delivered.

And Mike Will Made It released a song with Rihanna. That’s right, there’s a brand new Rihanna song with Mike Will production that you probably didn’t know even existed because of the amount of heat that has dropped today. Add ‘Nothing is Promised’ by Rihanna x Mike Will to the list, because Rihanna did not disappoint, as she rarely does.

And perhaps most excitingly, the official ‘GOLFMEDIA’ Twitter page simply tweeted the word ‘OCEAN’, sending us Frank Ocean fans into a frenzy. While a release from Frank Ocean is unlikely, because, well, its Frank Ocean, after the amount of great music we’ve received in ONE DAY, it wouldn’t come as a total shock.

Fingers Crossed. Its Been 1424 Days since Channel Orange has been released, and we’re all still waiting. But we have enough music from today to keep us busy for a long time.

What a day for Hip-Hop.




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