LeBron James – Biggest athlete in American Sports History?

After booking his 6th straight trip to the NBA Finals; a feat not accomplished since the 1960’s Boston Celtics, LeBron James dominance on the NBA is unquestionable. Whether he is the most loved or ridiculed athlete in the NBA, his greatness is accepted by everyone, as he has given us no other choice but to. As one of the few NBA ‘SUPERSTARS’ of the 21st century so far; Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Shaquille O’Neal being the others, everybody knows who and how great LeBron James is. But do we really know and appreciate it?

With many years left in the NBA, and already established as one of the greatest, biggest and richest athletes in American Sports History, LeBron James is on course to be THE BIGGEST of them all. With 2 championship rings and 4 MVP’s already, his on court greatness is cemented, but off the court; he is now really starting to be the MVP.

With rumours of Space Jam 2 releasing at some point in 2017; the sequel to one of the most popular and love films of the 1990’s, with LeBron James as the superstar of the movie, he will put his stamp on pop culture the way he has on the NBA. Two generations of fans will be eagerly anticipating the movie; the current generation; who idolise and grew up with LeBron James, waiting to see his off the court talent and the older generation, who idolise and grew up with Michael Jordan, waiting and hoping that Lebron James will fail.

But why would he fail? When has he ever proven that failing is what he does or in his nature? People argue that he has lost and failed in the NBA Finals before, but that doesn’t make him a failure. ‘You must lose before you succeed’ – A quote from LeBron James’s idol Michael Jordan proves that a loss does not make you a failure, but rather your reaction tells everything. By appearing in Space Jam 2, a sequel that will be unquestionably bigger than the original and filling the shoes of arguably the most respected and talented athlete we have ever seen, LeBron James is showing that he not one of, but THE superstar of this generation; not just in the NBA, but all sports.

And Nike have realised this long before anyone else. The two biggest stars in the NBA and NFL right now, Steph Curry and Cam Newton, are both signed to Under Armour and the next new NBA superstar has not been discovered yet. But Nike have discovered that as relevant and famous LeBron James is now, while he waits to play in his 6th straight NBA Finals, he will be just as relevant and famous long after his retirement. After signing a $1Billion deal with Nike, the largest for any athlete in the history of sports; with Michael Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo closely behind, it appeared that LeBron James got the deal of a lifetime. But as his greatness is due to continue long after his NBA career is over, it seems that it was Nike that got the deal of a lifetime, by signing the Biggest Athlete in the History of American Sports.


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